Advocate Mr. Kashyap Padia, Age 35 the young and dynamic founder has an experience of several years in almost every facet of Law practice & Taxation practice. He is an ardent finance professional who is well versed in tax laws, commercial laws, company law, legal complex issues etc.


Advocate Mr. Kashyap Padia

We K.P. Padia & Associates a advocate firm, have commenced our operations on the 02nd May 1999. The firm is mainly run and has brought to its success by Advocate Mr. Kashyap Padia. He has been inspired by the principles of trusteeship and democracy by legendary thinkers , Advocate Mr. Kashyap Padia has continued to evolve based on these beliefs in its vision, values, policies and culture; and is rooted firmly in its ideological and philosophical approach on conducting fair business.

We also have a competent pool of professionals like Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Advocates and Solicitors etc. on assignment basis to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients who are well versed in providing solutions according to industry specifics.

Our team of highly skilled and motivated personnel have gained in-depth experience in providing multitude of services of Legal & Taxation Matters.

We at K.P. Padia & Associates a firm of advocate has the expertise knowledge to help you with complex issues related to Legal & Taxation Matters.

Ever since the inception in 1999, we strive for excellence keeping in mind that Quality is Priority. We are proud to be a professionally managed, service oriented and knowledge based Firm. Our client base ranges from commercial organizations to service sector organizations.

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